Minority All-Star Showcase

Two of our players have been asked to join the Minority All-Star Showcase Tournament in Florida on January 13-14 2024

We would love to be able to send these boys, but we need to raise funds to do this.

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First Benefit Hunt today at Tri County Coyote Preserve!

Heritage Outdoor Project Enterprises Inc. . and Heritage Rebels Baseball had our first Benefit Hunt today at Tri County Coyote Preserve! BIG THANKS TO Bert Hill AND Mrs Nancy Leigh for their stupendous hospitality and magnificent hearts! The world couldn’t ask for 2 better souls!

Thanks to Mrs Nancy Leigh and daughter Carolyn for running the scores and computer! Best team ever!🙏🙏💪💪

I prayed last week that cool weather would come and a little rain and low and behold, it did! Great morning for running hounds and fellowship! Hounds stayed busy for 4 hours and everyone enjoyed some good food!

Very thankful for all the houndsmen and women that showed up today to support our baseball program and kids! Robby Horner took home the win in the Derby class and Allen Waggoner and Will Waggoner took home the win in the All Age class and the calcutta. Congratulations to EVERYONE else that placed! Thanks again to the judges that showed up to make this a success as well!

This also could not have happened without ALL of our contributors! From NC, VA, SC, TO ARKANSAS!



Tri County Fox Preserve- Bert Hill and Family

Dawn/Dan Wilkins


Community Fox Preserve- Jamie Gardner

A&A Hound and Hunting Solutions LLC

Frog Level Training Preserve- Butch Mills/Cody Adams

Hitman Kennels

Wild Card Outfitters- Troy & Tyler Sutton

Low Ground Kennels- Mark Wells III

Carol’s Home Cooking Restaurant, Fountain NC

Low10 Outfitters- Jeremy Gonzalez

Roughman Kennels- Leontta Knockett

Southern Comfort Kennels- Kenly Raines

D&J Kennels- Eric Dixon

Salty Dog Kennels- Robby Horner

Outdoor Dog Supply

Fireman’s Kennel- Tanner Whaley

Loud Mouth Kennels

Showtime/Coker Feed Mill

Jennifer’s Jewel Creations

Gray 2 Tactical

Magnum Telemetry

Joyce Warren